About me

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I have been licensed since 1990 and have held an Amateur Extra Class license since 1991.  My original Novice Class call was KB9FBI.  The call I hold now was held since the 1970’s by Jim Puglise.  Jim lived in FL when he passed away but was living in the Chicago area when he received this call.  Jim was one of the founders of AMSAT and in his later years had built his own aircraft. A pretty amazing guy from what I can find.

I am the ARRL Illinois Section Official Observer Coordinator.  I have held that post for over 20 years.  I am also a long time BOD member of the Illinois Repeater Association and currently serve as the Vice President.  I am also the President of the Jacksonville Amateur Radio Society.  I help take care of the UHF and VHF repeaters of the JARS and the Illinois Valley ARC.  I am an ARRL Life Member and a member of the Royal Order of the Wouff Hung!  I Belong to the Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC) and the International DX Association.

My current station includes several different rigs.  My main rig lately has been a Apache Labs Anan-200D.  I also have and run a Ten Tec Orion II or Omni VII, Yaesu FT-991 or an Icom IC-765 from time to time. I have a home brew solid state amp that a good friend Mike, W1FO built from the W6PQL boards.  It runs a BLF188XR device. I might also be on a Ten Tec Centurion.  I run a Yaesu FT-891 mobile with a Yaesu ATAS-120 antenna.  I am active on most HF bands and have operated quite a few of the digital modes including PSK-31, Hell, RTTY and others.

In the past I have owned and used a Kenwood TS-520 (first rig I had on the air), Kenwood TS-440SAT and a FT-1000MP.  I just sold the 1000MP to Rich, K9IXO a few months ago and sold my AL-1200 to Bill, KG9DD a few weeks ago.   I have a new amp that I will be running before long.  Mike, W1FO built a new SS amp in an old non working  Kenwood TL-922 case.  It is running the new MRF1K50H 1500 watt device.