1KW 6m-160m SSPA

This is my 1KW solid state amplifier.  It was built from W6PQL boards by a friend of mine, Mike, W1FO.  It uses a BLF188xr device that contains two transistors in one package.  They are ran in push pull.  You can find more about the parts at www.w6pql.com  You can find the parts from him at the bottom left sidebar in “Parts I can supply”.


20160523_160226 20160523_160212 20160523_143245 20160523_143229 20160523_143134 20160523_143142 20160523_143204 20160523_143214 20160523_143121


I have added another SS amplifier.  This one uses the same boards from W6PQL but runs the MRF1K50H 1500 watt device.  It is built inside of a Kenwood TL-922 case.